Kimmel's Halloween Prank (credit: YouTube Screenshot)

The Outbreak: Viral Videos Of The Week

Catch the “Outbreak” of the most trending viral videos infecting the internet this week…



Top 40 Scariest Films Ever Made

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled the Top 40 Scariest Movies of All Time.


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Rob Zombie Talks Halloween, Puppies, Metal Culture & His New Sports Movie

October is Metal Month at Radio.com. What exactly does that mean? Well, throughout the month, we’ll have artist interviews as well as mini-documentaries about metal. First up, our interview with Rob Zombie.



Spend Halloween With The Flaming Lips

Oklahoma’s favorite psychedelic alt rock band – The Flaming Lips are coming to San Francisco for Halloween!



Download Your ‘F*** Yeah! Go Giants!’ Poster

Don’t have enough glitter, poster board or time to make a sign to show your Giants love at the parade? Live 105 has got you covered!



Top 5 Grossest Looking But Still Delicious Halloween Drinks

If you’re going to drink on Halloween, please be sure to do it responsibly! Now let’s see if you can handle this five stomach-churning concoctions that taste a whole hell of a lot better than they look.


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How To Dress Like Slash For Halloween

Here’s everything you’ll need to take everyone down to Paradise City as Slash this Halloween.


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Watch Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel Live: First TV Interview in 20 Years

Not only was it the Guns N’ Roses’ frontman’s first TV interview in two decades, but he showed up right on time – something he doesn’t often do.


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20 Halloween Rock Songs So Good They’ll Raise The Dead

Please enjoy a playlist good enough to wake the dead. You’ll find all the creepy, spooky, and awesome songs to make All Hallow’s Eve simply wicked.


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How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

You’ve already pulled off Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love and even Shirley Manson for Halloweens past. Now it’s time to get your tragic ’60s heroine-slash-all-American biker babe on with the new girl in pop culture town, Lana Del Rey.