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‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases Another Creepy Teaser Trailer

We don’t really know much about the Three Eyed Raven website other than that it’s weird and creepy, but once in a while, it spurts out a short teaser for the new, upcoming season of […]

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That Guy Who Sang ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Is For Some Reason In Season Two Of ‘True Detective’

The Internet is in a collective head scratch after a tweet from Rick Springfield announced he has a role in the currently filming Season Two of “True Detective”. Though the singer, famous for his hit […]

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The Nine Best TV Shows (And One Podcast!) To Binge On For Rainy Days

Just because it’s too rainy to go outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. As far as we’re concerned, good television and rainy days pretty much go hand-in-hand. To get you through this […]

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Get A Look At The New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Choose-Your-Own Graphic Adventure

Telltale Games just released the new series for ‘Game of Thrones’ graphic adventure ‘Fire and Ice’ and it looks pretty incredible. The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style of play is fitting to fans who want to truly immerse […]

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New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Teaser Shows Arya’s Future

We last saw Arya as she set sail for Braavos, and unfortunately, we won’t get an update on her until Spring 2015 when the show premieres its fifth season. In the mean time, HBO has […]

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HBO Finally Announces Cast Members For Season 2 Of ‘True Detective’

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO has finally revealed five (!!!) actors who will star in the second season of “True Detective”. Following confirmations that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell would be starring in the show, […]

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Watch Charles Barkley And Shaq Audition For HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Season 2

There was a lot of speculation as to who was going to take on the leading roles in the new season of ‘True Detective’. We now know who our stars are, but wouldn’t it be […]

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Nick Offerman Stars In Fake Home Depot Ad For ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’

“Sales associates at home-improvement stores are not there to help people buy things, they’re there to stop couples from tearing each other apart.”

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Party Time: Next Year You Can Stream HBO Go Without A Cable Subscription

Good news pirates! Now you won’t have to plunder shady sites tucked beneath the underbelly of the deep web to watch this week’s “Game of Thrones”! According to HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler, HBO […]

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John Oliver Delivers Take Down Of Pumpkin Spice Coffee

“The coffee that tastes like a candle.”

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