The Mountain From ‘Game of Thrones’ is Real Life ‘Strongest Man’ in Europe

Thor is an appropriate nickname.

LIVE 105–08/19/2014


True Blood Recap: Jessica’s Betrayal, Bill’s Choice, and the Yakuza Gets Bored

“Like a moth to a flame she always returns to me.”

LIVE 105–08/18/2014


True Blood Recap: The Life of Tara, The True Death, and the Quest for the Antidote

“All I had was my darkness to give you in return.”

LIVE 105–08/11/2014

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Vince Vaughn in Talks to Join ‘True Detective’ Next Season

In addition to what we already know about the new season of “True Detective” it looks like we can add another rumor to the list: Vince Vaughn is apparently in talks with the hit drama’s […]

LIVE 105–08/04/2014


True Blood Recap: The Antidote, The Guiltless, and The Pissed Off Fae Fam

“May Be the Last Time” was a drawn out episode leading to one thing…

LIVE 105–08/04/2014


True Blood Recap: ‘Karma’ Is the Worst

What goes around is even more wicked when it comes back around.

LIVE 105–07/28/2014


‘True Blood’ Recap: A Proposal, A Wake, and a Betrayal or Two

How did Bon Temps fare this week?

LIVE 105–07/21/2014


This ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

You know nothing , Jon Snow.

LIVE 105–07/15/2014



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