Jesse James

Kat Von D meets another Jesse James mistress

Kat Von D, the uber hot, tattooed star of L.A. Ink, took to Facebook on Sunday to vent about mistakes, change, and her relationship with Jesse James.  Before launching into the heart of the matter, […]


K&B Podcast Friday May 13th: Alison Haislip, Jesse James & Andy Samberg

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: The Situation’s dad calls him out, Movie Beat, TV Host Alison Haislip, Kevin is a poker playing asshole, Jesse James stops by, Andy Samberg talks about the new Lonely […]


Kat Von D Pregant With Jesse James' baby?

When a picture surfaced recently of L.A. Ink star with a belly bump it seemed she could be pregnant with Jesse James’ baby! Click more to find out if it’s true…


Pop Culture, Bitch!

Forest Lawn Cemetery will kick out any fans that get too out of hand tomorrow for the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Just so you know, there are no doves allowed: CLICK HERE!


Pop Culture, Bitch! (06/21/10)

Toy Story 3 tops the box office: CLICK HERE!


Pop Culture, Bitch!

The Globe reported that Gary Coleman’s death was murder… so it must be true! CLICK HERE!


Pop Culture, Bitch

Heidi Says Shes Fine!: CLICK HERE


Pop Culture, Bitch!

Jesse James Cries On Tv: CLICK HERE!


Pop Culture, Bitch

Justin Bieber Plays on American Idol: CLICK HERE


Pop Culture, Bitches

Jessica Simpson and her oral hygiene- CLICK HERE