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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 09.26.17Dumb Questions For Smart People has the return of Dr. Joseph Nuth, discussion on the Prison Ramen Cook Off gets heated over a missing clip, and more from today's edition of Kevin Klein Live.
Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 08.09.17The show's friendly NASA scientist answers some more dumb questions from Kevin and Ally, comparing Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to each other, and more in today's edition of Kevin Klein Live.
Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 01.05.17The first Double Trouble Thursday of 2017 brings today's full show with a game involving the show's exes, begging Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom for some spare cash, and more in this edition of Kevin Klein Live.
NASA Scientist Who Predicted End of the World Chats with Kevin Klein LiveDr. Joseph Nuth says the world is overdue for an "extinction level event". When a NASA scientist takes time out of his day to talk to Kevin Klein Live, you know the apocalypse is near.
KKLive: The Goat Is Man's New Best Friend, A Mystery Illness Plaguing Astronauts & More #TrendasaurusUgh, I forgot to pick up goat food again. I'll just give him this can.
Tributes To David Bowie Keep ComingSeveral days after the passing of David Bowie, the late rock icon has been the subject of hundreds (if not thousands) of internet articles, social media posts and online tributes.
Watch Robots Compete Against Each Other This Weekend Inside A NASA Research CenterIt may not be as vicious as a standard robot battle, but Botball may just be even more impressive.
Next Time You Wish On A Shooting Star, It May Just Be Astronaut PoopAstronaut Chris Hadfield revealed how feces is disposed of in space and it might surprise you.
Ally's Trendasaurus: Fool Your Children ON NYE, Screech Gets Arrested & Breastfeeding Goes Commercial
Apollo 11 Moon Landing Footage Is Real! Here's How Some Locals Proved ItShut down your hand coded website, cancel your trip to the anti-NASA convention in Boise, Bay Area chip-maker Nvidia has debunked the conspiracy theories around the Apollo 11 moon landing using their latest graphics chip.
Memorial Day Weekend Meteor Shower Could Dazzle With 200 Meteors Per Hour On May 23rd, 2014NASA announced the discovery of what could become a first ever meteor shower, the May Camelopardalids, delighting skywatchers with 200 meteors per hour for Memorial Day Weekend 2014, and potentially rivaling the Perseid meteor shower in August.
Community Connection With Liz Saint John 11.17.2013

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