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How To Beat The Winter Blues And Avoid Cabin Fever

Winter is all fun and games…until after New Years’ Eve.


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SF, San Jose, and Oakland Rank Among Unhappiest Major Cities

Only according to Harvard and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention though, so…

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Facebook Tried To Alter Mood Of Nearly 700,000 By Tweaking News Feeds

Facebook is getting a face-full of outrage Monday from privacy advocates after it was revealed that the social network conducted a psychological experiment on unwitting users.


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Twitter Knows When You Have A Hangover, Feel Sad

Is Friday really the happiest day of the week? Not according to your tweets. Twitter tracked comments from users and charted the frequency of different phrases to try and determine when we heel certain emotions.


No One Able To Tell Clam Just Had Stroke

Kind of sad isn’t it? If only we were  more educated about detecting the early symptoms of strokes in clams then perhaps more clam lives could be saved… xo kat Read more from THE ONION […]


THE Saddest music video EVER

So the band FAR have a pretty damn good record out and the new video for ‘At Night We Live’ is one of the saddest videos you will EVER see. You’re a monster if you […]