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Twitter Apologizes For Hosting Company ‘Frat Party,’ Calls Idea ‘Ill-Chosen’

As Twitter quickly realized, this party was maybe in poor taste.


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Casting Call: Want To Be On MTV’s ‘The Real World’?

Want to find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start getting…real?


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Anime Festival & Cosplay Coming To San Francisco This Weekend

The festival is free to all!



Actual ‘Study’ Concludes SF Men Really Like To Primp And Preen, Are 2nd ‘Most Handsome’ In U.S.

San Franciscans are busy people. However, as a men’s grooming site has found, the city’s men are not too busy to find time to take care of their appearances.


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8 Touristy San Francisco Bars That Are Actually Fun For Locals

Hanging out with some out-of-towners? You can hang at these SF bars without losing your sanity!