This Week in Rage

K&B Intern Whendii.

K&B Podcast Wednesday August 31st: F’d Up Spelling Of Names, Adam Carolla’s “This Week In Rage” + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Khloe Kardashian is mad about not being on Dancing with the Stars, F’d up spelling of normal names and WTF is up with a 9/11 coloring book? Ralph’s loves […]


This Week In Rage With Adam Carolla: Why Does Our Society Revolve Around Kids And Nerds?

It’s a new week, and that means a whole batch of new things to piss Adam Carolla off. Adam called into the show to give us his top three current annoyances in a segment called […]


K&B Podcast Wednesday August 10th: Paramore, Kevin Smith + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Kevin Smith talks aboutRedState, we name Lisa’s new dog, we catch up with Paramore, Adam Carolla’s “This Week in Rage” and more.


K&B Podcast Wednesday August 3rd: Tom DeLonge, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman + More

On today’s Kevin & Beanshow: Justin Bieber is quite the prankster, Tom Delonge talks about the Angels & Airwaves movie Love, Adam Carolla’s “This Week in Rage,” Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman talk about The […]


This Week In Rage With Adam Carolla 7/19/11: Can’t We Just Be Sincere For Once?

Photo by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images It’s a new week, which means a new ” This Week In Rage” from our friend Adam Carolla. Adam has a lot of things that irritate him, and he […]


K&B Podcast Wednesday July 13th: Breakfast With Incubus, John Benjamin & More

On today’s show: The Wheel of Bad Animal Voices: The Post Office attacking Bald Eagles, Kevin supports the Women’s World Cup, John Benjamin has a van, Adam Carolla’s This Week in Rage, Breakfast with Incubus […]


K&B Podcast Wednesday June 15th: Larry King, Jon Benjamin Has A Van + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Al Pacino has a young girlfriend, Jon Benjamin has a Van is a funny TV show, the Internet Roundup, Adam Carolla’s “This Week in Rage”, Larry King and more.


K&B Podcast Thursday June 9th: Johnny Knoxville, Matt “Money” Smith & Dr. Drew

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Khloe Kardashian has a nip slip on tv, Annoying Co-Workers, Matt “Money” Smith covers the NBA Finals, Johnny Knoxville talks about Jackass 3.5, Dr. Drew, Adam Carolla’s “This Week […]


This Week In Rage With Adam Carolla 6/9/11: Steak Is Just A Cow Playing Dead

It’s another week, which means a slew of new things to rage on for our friend Adam Carolla. He called in this morning to give us a new edition of “This Week In Rage”, which […]


K&B Podcast Wednesday June 1st: Rob Corddry, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) & Flavor Flav

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Captain Paul Watson from Whale Wars, “This Week in Rage” with Adam Carolla. Eddie Vedder Ukulele album highlights. Flavor Flav. Rob Corddry talks about Childrens Hospital. John Myatt from […]